Sanskrit Stotra Recitation

By Tulasivallabha Das

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10 Hours


1 Hour

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7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Saturday & Sunday

About the Teacher


Tulasivallabha Das

Tulasivallabha Das,

Acharya in Sanskrit from Rastriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Tirupati.

Member of Sanskrit Bharati and Bharatiya Jyotish Samsthan.

Studied Astanga Hrudayam Ayurveda siddhanta from Varkala, Kerala.

Teacher at Lokasamskrita Pathashala, Vrindavan, U.P.

Course Overview

Course Description:

The "Sanskrit Stotra Recitation" course offers a comprehensive study and practice of reciting traditional Sanskrit stotras, which are devotional hymns praising various deities, expressing gratitude, and seeking blessings. This course aims to provide participants with a deep understanding of the cultural, spiritual, and linguistic aspects of Sanskrit stotras while fostering a connection with the rich heritage of Indian spirituality. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical recitation sessions, students will develop proficiency in proper pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm, enhancing their ability to convey the essence and devotion embedded in these sacred verses.

What will students gain from this course? 1. Soulful Insight & Devotion Nexus 2. Mastering Speech, Listening Enhanced 3. Linguistic Expert, Devote with Rituals 4. Pronunciation Proficiency, Personal Devotion

Course Contents:

Target Audience:
Anyone wants to improve Sanskrit pronunciation

Assessment Plans:
To enable devotees in proper pronunciation

Course Requirement: Proficiency in reading Devanagari script

Important Guidelines for the Students:

1. Regular Practice
2. Respectful Attitude
3. Attention to Detail
4. Active Participation
5. Supportive Environment
6. Self-Reflection

Why should one attend this course?

1. Spiritual Connection 2. Authenticity in Recitation 3. Enhanced Devotional Practice 4. Linguistic Skills 5. Self-Expression 6. Accurate Pronunciation

What problems of the students are we solving through the course? 1. Lack of Cultural Context 2. Devotional Disconnect 3. Fear of Misinterpretation 4. Lack of Guidance 5. Overcoming Self-Doubt 6. Lack of Interaction 7. Inaccurate Pronunciation

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