Life Stories and Qualities of the Twelve Mahajanas (only for Kids)

By Rameshwari Devi Dasi

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18 Hours


90 minutes each

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Children aged 9-13 years

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07:00 pm to 08:30 pm IST 

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About the Teacher


Rameshwari Devi Dasi

Rameshwari Devi Dasi was born in Chennai in 1976 in a Sri-vaishnava family. She is a postgraduate in Computer Science from Pune University.

She joined ISKCON in 2003 as a congregation devotee in Chennai and was attending Bhakti-vriksha program and chanting 16 rounds. After marriage she moved to Bangalore and continued with her devotional service and got the association of many senior Vaishnavas.

There she served in “Krishna’s Kingdom”, a Sunday school organised by ISKCON Sheshadripuram, as an assistant teacher for the third-standard children. She underwent Bhakti-vriksha training and served a group of matajis as servant-leader. She was part of the ISKCON Girls Youth Forum serving the young girls through preaching and cultural activities.

She has co-authored a small story book based on Upanishads for a Children’s Summer Camp in Chennai.

She has studied Bhakti-shastri at VIHE under eminent teachers like HH Bhakti Dhira Damodara Swami and HG Sarvabhauma Das.

She is also a go-sevak and had done go-seva in Sri Krishna Balaram Kshetra Goshala, Hebri making Panchagavya Cow products.

She is a disciple of HH Sacinandana Swami Maharaj and is serving him by printing his books in India.

She has deep love for children and wants to help them build strong faith in Shastras and pure devotees of the Lord through stories, plays and dramas.

Course Overview

Course Description:

Life stories and qualities of the twelve Mahajanas

Course Contents:

  • Life story of each of the twelve Mahajana with emphasis on their bhakti and vaishnava qualities. 
  • Interactive sessions and fun filled activities

Target Audience: Children aged 9-13 years

Assessment Plan: 

  • The students will be encouraged to represent their understanding via art/drama/written/speech medium-whatever they are good at.
  • Self assessment sheet will be provided where students could answer the questions and assess the answers themselves 

Course Requirement: 

Students should have fast internet connection and they should have their videos on throughout the session.

After each session the students are requested to recollect the subject taught and should be able to share the points that stuck them in the next class 

Important Guidelines for the Students: Please try to be honest and sincere in your interactions during the sessions.

What will students gain from this course?

  1. They will come to know who the twelve Mahajana are and their unique greatness.
  2. They will know about their life story and there by derive inspiration.
  3. By participating in the interactive sessions the students can gain insights into their own qualities and how to practically apply the learnings in their life.
  4. The Mahajanas are great role models.
  5. They were great devotees of the Lord and students will understand their bhakti.

Why should one attend this course?

One should attend this course to know about the Mahajanas so that we derive inspiration and imbibe their qualities and wisdom in our personal life.

These days children are confused about righteousness. From the lives of the Mahajanas they can understand what is Dharma, Religion and Bhakti.

What problems of the students are we solving through the course?

We help them to build good character and attitude by teaching about those who had these in great quantity. Modern education makes doctors and scientists but does not care about the character and attitude of the children. This course is a baby step in trying to help children in this aspect.

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