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By Shuka Priya Das

Certificate Course

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Course Duration

15 Hours


90 Minutes/ Session

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8:00 PM - 9:30 PM IST 

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Wednesday, Thursday

About the Teacher


Shuka Priya Das

Shuka Priya Das
(Software Engineer, Physicist, NLP coach & Motivational Speaker)

Served as secretary of HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj

1. Software Engineer  and Physicist

 2. Speaker of “AATMA” on COLORS Channel

3. Worked as a scientist in world-renowned research labs like CREATIS and MAX PLANCK in France and Germany on projects like Cardiology and Neuroscience. 

4.  Active member of ISKCON from past 26 years 

5. Also worked as Production Manager in world’s biggest  publishers The BBT Mumbai

 6. Youth counselor and Corporate Advisor. 

 7. Gives regular seminars on Leadership and Management. Offers seminars on Stress Management, Proactive Leadership, Time Management etc in companies and colleges.

8. Bhakti Shastri with distinction

9.  Currently serving in ISKCON Rohini as Manager

Course Overview

Course Description:

As a devotee, it is essential to understand the glories, Lila (divine pastimes), and Tattva (philosophical truths) of Lord Shiva. This knowledge not only deepens one's own faith but also helps in engaging with and guiding those who have devotion towards Lord Shiva, thereby connecting them to Krishna Consciousness (KC). Many devotees have successfully introduced Shiva devotees to KC by highlighting the connections between Lord Shiva and Krishna.

Course Content:

  • How Lord Shiva is the Greatest Vaishnava
  • Acaryas on Lord Shiva
  • Can We Take Remnants from Sivalinga
  • Shiva Tattva
  • Shiva, Shambhu, and Rudra
  • Why Lord Rama Worshiped Shiva
  • Why Krishna Worshiped Lord Shiva
  • Why Shiva is Addressed as Bhagvan
  • Why Lord Shiva Wears Ashes and a Skeleton
  • Meaning and Story of Bhubaneswara
  • Why Lord Shiva is Present in Holy Dhams, in What Forms, and What He Does
  • Activities of Lord Shiva
  • Story of Shivalinga Worship
  • Who is Nandi Bull
  • Why Lord Shiva has the Moon on His Head
  • Why He Drank Poison
  • Kripa (Mercy) of Lord Shiva
  • The Names of Shiva and Krishna
  • What Does Lord Shiva Chant: Learn about the mantras and prayers that Lord Shiva recites.
  • Lord Shiva in Various Dhams

Target Audience:

Devotees of Krishna Consciousness, especially those with an interest in understanding and engaging with devotees of Lord Shiva.

Important Guidelines for Students:

  • Approach the subject with respect and an open mind.
  • Engage actively in discussions and share insights.
  • Complete the required readings and assignments to deepen understanding.

What Will Students Gain from this Course?

  • A comprehensive understanding of the philosophical and devotional aspects of Lord Shiva.
  • Clarity on common doubts and misconceptions about Lord Shiva’s role and significance in relation to Krishna.
  • The ability to effectively preach and connect with Shaivites, guiding them towards Krishna Consciousness.

Why Should One Attend this Course?

  • To deepen one’s own faith and understanding of Vaishnavism and the broader aspects of Hindu spirituality.
  • To gain the knowledge necessary to bridge the gap between Shaivism and Vaishnavism, fostering unity and mutual respect.
  • To enhance one’s ability to engage in meaningful spiritual conversations and preach effectively to a wider audience.

What Problems of Students Are We Solving Through the Curriculum?

  • Addressing doubts and misconceptions about Lord Shiva’s role in Vaishnavism.
  • Providing a structured approach to understanding and appreciating the divine relationship between Lord Shiva and Krishna.
  • Equipping devotees with the knowledge to preach effectively to Shaivites and bring them closer to Krishna Consciousness.

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