Deity Worship at Home

By Amrit Gaura Das

Certificate Course

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12 Hours


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7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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Monday to Wednesday

About the Teacher


Amrit Gaura Das

"Amrit Gaura Das  is a devoted disciple of HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj ji and a dedicated member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) since 2008. His journey in ISKCON has been marked by a deep commitment to the spiritual path and a passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. Professionally, he holds a degree in B.Sc. (hons.) in Statistics from Ramjas College, Delhi University, demonstrating his commitment to academic excellence. In addition to his academic achievements, he has also pursued an advanced diploma in Japanese, showcasing his linguistic and multicultural interests. He has not only pursued but also taught the Bhakti Shastri course, demonstrating his profound understanding of the scriptures and spiritual philosophy. Furthermore, he has honed his skills through a Diploma course in Arcana from the prestigious Mayapur Academy, solidifying his expertise in deity worship.

One of his remarkable contributions lies in his role as a trainer. He has been instrumental in training pujaris (temple priests) and congregation members in various temples, including Punjabi Bagh, Rohini, Bahadurgarh, Jalandhar, Panchkula, Prayagraj, and many others. His dedication to both his personal spiritual growth and the spiritual education of others is truly commendable, making him a valued member of the ISKCON community. In addition to his impressive accomplishments, He has actively engaged in various services, including Youth Preaching, providing counselling, and offering training to new Bhaktas (devotees) in the temple. His multifaceted contributions exemplify his unwavering dedication to spreading the teachings of Lord Krishna and fostering a vibrant and spiritually enriching community."

Course Overview

Course Description:

"This course is designed to provide devotees with an initial understanding of the basic principles, skills and essential knowledge of Sri Vigraha Puja, especially at home. It aims to enable them to understand it as a fundamental part of their devotional life and to learn the basic practices of Sri Vigraha Puja. To help in performing the daily puja."

Course Content:

1. Mood of Shri Vigraha Puja

2. Mantras for methods of worship

3. Important principles for worship

4. Offering service, Aarti service

5. Bath Service

6. Jagran Seva etc.

Target Audience:


Important Guidelines for Students:

Be prepared with the equipment for practical training, to increase the level of service and commitment to your own Sri Vigraha.

How will students benefit from this course?

The Shree Vigraha Puja course provides not only knowledge but also practical skills, personal development and a deeper spiritual connection with their personal Shree Vigraha, enriching their lives and enhancing their understanding of spiritual values and culture .

Why attend this course?

To enhance the services and relationship with Sri Vigraha

What problems of students are we solving through the curriculum?

1. How to worship Shri Vigraha properly at home?

2. How to worship Shri Vigraha when we are on a journey?

3. Doubts related to Shri Vigraha puja, what are the appropriate mantras to chant while performing puja?

4. Who can worship Shri Vigraha?

5. Can Shri Vigraha be worshiped during Sutak period?

Please Note: Minimum 10 Students are required to commence the batch. In Case we receive less than 10 Students, then students may opt for another batch or can wait for next season when the new batch starts.

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