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Bhakti Pravesh

1] Avatari Gaura Das

Joined ISKCON-JUHU in the year 2004, where he served as a Youth preacher and also participated in Book distribution programs. He has travelled extensively across India preaching the message of Gita and Bhagavata in the villages, especially in Maharashtra. He has translated over fifteen books written by senior ISKCON devotees. He also has translated/compiled/written many articles for BTG magazine mainly on traditional farming and cow protection.

2] Mahaprabhu Kripa Das

Preaches through youtube channel "Way to Krishna", Bhakti Shastri, Bhakti Vaibhav-1

  • Phd ( Homeopathy), PG Psychoneurobics
  • MBA ( Marketing & Finance)
  • Investment Banker ( Morgan Stanley)
  • Ex Head Investment Banking IDBI Capital
  • Ex Chief Investment Officer Brand Capital -Times Group
  • Visiting Professor IIM Udaipur Incubation Cell

His passion for seva had him pursue a PhD in, "Healing Major Diseases through an integration of Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Psycho Neurobics" from University in Florida, USA.

He has to his credit 8 Published Research Papers in International and Domestic Journals each covering different functional area of the body viz Cardio, Gastro, Nephro, Neuro, ENT, Dermatology etc.

He has also been recognized as an Ambassador of SIGFA for his knowledge and contribution to Psycho Neurobics.

He was also presenter on the National 27th Kent Memorial Homeopathy Lecture organised by Ayush, Govt of India.

He has been on CNBC, Tata Sons Mumbai & IIM Udaipur in this pursuit as a presenter on Health.

Also as Founder Trustee of Maitre Seva Foundation he is involved with a Charitable clinic which has 2 doctors, pharmasist catering to Homeopathy, Accupunture and Physiotherapy.

3] Deenapavankreesna Das

Educational Qualification - MBBS, DGO, FICMCH,

Sr. Consultant Gynaecologist

A medical Post Graduate from Gauhati Medical College, Assam.

Dr. Deenapavankreesna Das joined ISKCON at Guwahati, Assam in 1996 & was awarded Harinam Initiation at 2001 and Second initiation at 2009 by His Holiness Jayapataka Swami. Served as active congregation member in managing various activities of ISKCON, Assam Yatra including Jagannath Ratha Festival.

He started Bhakti-Vriksha program at Guwahati and developed various other preaching activities including Youth Preaching. Then served as BBT Publication Manager of Assam BBT and translated, edited & printed various books of Srila Prabhupada into Assamese language including Bhagavad-gita as it is, Life Comes from Life, Beyond Birth & Death, Transcendental Teachings of Prahlad Maharaj, Sri Isopanisad, Elevation to Krishna Consciousness. Also started editing and translating Srimad Bhagavatam, but as he moved to Sridham Mayapur for the new assignment of establishing Bhaktivedanta Hospital, the translation job was incomplete.

Also started a new Namhatta Centre at Lower Assam area and served as Full Time Temple Manager, preaching over 4 districts of Lower Assam, for four years, before moving to Mayapur in 2013.

At Mayapur, besides practicing as Medical Professional, not only for ISKCON, but for other Gaudiya Maths as well, he also serves as Community Servant Leader. At present, his interest is for systematic study of various scriptures and teaching others. Recently completed Bhagavata Teachers training Course from IBM and TTC 1& 2 from Paratattva Catuspathi, Mayapur.

Course Overview

Course description : This is a series of seven levels of study with a gradual progression of philosophical and devotional understanding. The first level, Bhakti-pravesh Level-1 contains the study of five special books by Srila Prabhupada which are very essential for anyone who aspires to be a student of Bhakti-yoga. These books, which have been sold in the millions, answer the doubts of a seeker on the path of spiritual life in a very engaging manner. The course will help you to solve the mysteries of life, reincarnation, karma, yoga and ultimately self-realization.

Please note that after Bhakti-pravesh Level-1, we will begin with our next course i.e. Bhakti-pravesh Level-2 which will cover the following books: Narada Bhakti Sutra, Light of the Bhagvata, Teachings of Queen Kunti, Teachings of Lord Kapila, An overview of Principal Upanishads.

Course Contents: The following books will be taught:

1. The Science of Self-Realization - 8 hours

2. Life comes from Life - 4 hours

3. Easy Journey to other Planets - 4 hours

4. Laws of Nature - 3 hours

5. Perfection of Yoga - 6 hours

Course materials : Notes

Language : English

Target audience : Open for all

Assessment plan : One test of multiple-choice questions

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