Melodies of Devotion: Learn Vishnava Songs

By Madhuri Rasa Devi Dasi

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6 Hours


60 Minutes

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Any one enthusiastic to learns Vaishnava Songs, mainly children

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7:00 PM - 8:00 PM IST

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About the Teacher


Madhuri Rasa Devi Dasi

Madhuri Rasa Devi Dasi  is from ISKCON NVCC temple. With a Master's degree in Information Science obtained from the United States, she brings a unique blend of skills and devotion to her service within the ISKCON community. Within the temple, Madhuri Rasa Devi Dasi plays a significant role as the kirtan coordinator. She leads and facilitates the devotional singing (kirtan) sessions, fostering a sense of unity and spiritual connection among the congregation. Her background in Carnatic music has equipped her with the knowledge and expertise to impart music lessons to others. She not only practices and performs herself but also shares her musical wisdom by teaching classes.

Course Overview

Course Description:

"Exploring Vaishnava Songs with Meaning"- Step into the enchanting world of Vaishnava devotional music with our course, "Melodies of Devotion: Learn Vaishnava Songs." Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring verses and timeless melodies that have echoed through the corridors of devotion for centuries. This course invites you to embark on a transformative journey where you will not only learn to sing these sacred songs but also understand their profound meanings and cultural significance.

Course Contents:

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of the beauty and depth of Vaishnava songs. Over a period of six weeks, we will study and analyze six carefully selected compositions. The course will consist of two workshops, each focusing on six Vaishnava songs.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for individuals of all ages who are enthusiastic about learning and appreciating Vaishnava songs. While everyone is welcome to participate, there will be a special emphasis on children.

Important Guidelines for Students:

  1. Students are expected to attend sessions punctually and maintain proper classroom etiquette.

  2. Active participation and a genuine willingness to learn are encouraged throughout the course.

What will Students Gain from this Course?

  1. Acquire the ability to sing several Vaishnava songs with proper pronunciation and understanding.

  2. Gain profound insights into the mood and teachings of the Vaishnava acharyas through the bhajans they have composed.

  3. Recognize the significance of devotional songs within the Vaishnava parampara (lineage).

  4. Develop a deep appreciation for the rich heritage of Gaudiya Vaishnav songs.

  5. Overcome inhibitions or fears related to performing or singing for the Lord.

Why Should One Attend this Course?

Attending this course provides a unique opportunity to appreciate and acquire foundational knowledge of Vaishnava songs composed by revered acharyas. By learning and engaging with these songs, participants can deepen their connection with the Vaishnava tradition and nourish their devotional practices.

What Problems of the Students are we Solving through this Course?

This course aims to bridge the gap between students and the rich Vaishnava heritage by immersing them in the devotional songs composed by spiritual masters. It addresses the need to connect individuals with the teachings and devotional expressions of the Vaishnava acharyas. By doing so, it fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the devotional path, helping students overcome any barriers they may have in their devotional journey.

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