Mahabharata An Overview

By Rishi Kumara Das

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Rishi Kumara Das

Rishi Kumara Das is Vice-President of ISKCON Delhi, Vice- Chairman of Northern India Divisional Council of ISKCON, Trustee of Annamrita Foundation- serving Mid Day Meals to 10 lacs children daily, Global Valedictorian at GBC College for Spiritual Leadership, Trustee of Institute for Science and Spirituality, ISKCON Delhi, Trustee of BACE, Delhi, Certified Instructor for Teachers Training Courses, Bhakti Shastri and ISKCON Disciples Course. He is Member of ISKCON Resolve, Member of ISKCON India Bureau’s Department for Legal as well as Department for Organization Structure and Accountability. He has 13 years of Corporate Experience in Two National News paper groups, MBA by education, National Inter-University Quiz and Debate Prize winner, Disciple of Srila Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaja. He is in ISKCON since 2000 and currently a Brahmachari residing at ISKCON Delhi.

Course Overview

Course Description: Embark on a self-guided exploration of the timeless wisdom embedded in the Mahabharata, focusing on Krishna bhakti and the profound teachings of the Gita. This self-study course is designed to deepen the understanding of Krishna Consciousness, covering various parvas (books) of the Mahabharata. The course is tailored for devotees with at least two years of exposure to Krishna Consciousness. Course Contents:

1. Introduction to the Mahabharata and its Significance in Krishna Consciousness 2. Lessons on Krishna Bhakti in Adi Parva, Sabha Parva, and Van Parva 3. The Bhagavad Gita in Mahabharata: Exploring the Udyoga Parva 4. Spiritual Insights from Bhishma Parva, Drona Parva, and Karna Parva Target Audience:

Devotees with a minimum of two years of exposure to Krishna Consciousness who seek a deeper understanding of the Mahabharata from the perspective of Krishna bhakti.

Course Requirement:

Participants are expected to have a minimum conviction that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and are encouraged to chant a minimum of 8 rounds daily as part of their spiritual practice. Important Guidelines for Students:

1. Read and engage with the content of each parva thoroughly. 2. Attend to the reflective exercises and quizzes to enhance understanding. 3. Maintain a dedicated time for self-study, contemplation, and chanting.

What Students Will Gain: Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Mahabharata in the context of Krishna Consciousness. The course aims to deepen philosophical insights, strengthen adherence to dharma in adversity, and nurture a resilient Krishna bhakti mindset. Why Attend This Course? To acquire a profound understanding of the Mahabharata through the lens of Krishna Consciousness, gaining valuable insights into the application of spiritual principles in real-life situations.

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