Bhagavata Cosmology

By Dhir Prashant Das

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Dhir Prashant Das

Dhīra Praśānta dāsa is a disciple of His Holiness Rādhānātha Swami Maharaja. He joined ISKCON in 1999. Currently he serves as a full time monk in ISKCON Pune, India.

He is a regular teacher of Bhakti Śāstras at Pune center for Bhakti Śāstrī and Bhakti Vaibhava courses. He teaches Bhagavad Gītā, Īśopaniṣad as well as other books from Gaudīya tradition to students and corporate youth. He is well known for his deep and cogent philosophical explanations of the scriptures.

Course Overview

Course Description :

  1. Description of “The Bhu-mandala - Horizontal Structure of the Universe”
  2. Priyavrata Maharaja dividing the Bhu-mandala into 7-Islands and 7-Oceans
  3. Description of Jambudvipa and Bharata-varsha
  4. Description of remaining six islands, Manasottara Mountain and Lokaloka Mountain (SB 5.1, 16-20)
  5. Description about the Sun, Moon and other planets (Nava-grahas)
  6. Fourteen Planetary Systems - ‘Vertical Structure of the Universe’
  7. Description of Upper planetary systems
  8. Description of the Outerspace (Bhuvar-loka)
  9. Description of the Lower planetary systems (Bila-svarga)
  10. Description of Lord Sesa and Hellish Planets
  11. The Science of Eclipses

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