Bala Bhagavatam

By Krishna Rupa Devi Dasi

Certificate Course

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08 months


90 minutes each

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Kids of age group 6-15 with basic understanding of English language.

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07:30 pm to 09:00 pm IST

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About the Teacher


Krishna Rupa Devi Dasi

Krishna Rupa Devi Dasi joined ISKCON in 1998 and was initiated in 1999 at ISKCON Pune Temple.

Academic qualification: SOFTWARE ENGINEER, MBA from Amity University, B.ED From Mumbai university, Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Cisco certified network Professional, Java Certified Programmer.

She has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. Former teacher with Delhi public school.

Spiritual :- Gives motivational talks on Stress Management, Art of Positive thinking, Time Management, Personality Development, especially for school children, youth and corporates.

Over the years she has been invited to deliver several such seminars to students in various premiere institutes, Schools and Colleges of the country like AIIMS, NEW DELHI. Manavsthali School, New Delhi. Lady Sriram College for Women, New Delhi. New Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. St. Miras College For Girls, Pune. Bharti Vidya Bhavan college, Pune and various esteemed colleges in Pune.

She guides many Young Girls and Women in leading meaningful lives of peace and happiness.

Conducted Seminars on stress management, time management, Art of positive thinking in companies like DELL, WIPRO, SONY CHANNEL, NEW DELHI.

Current Service in ISKCON: Teaching Bhakti shastri classes, IDC classes, Srimad Bhagavatam study circles, online short seminars and Sunday kids school at her home.

Course Overview

Course Description:

1.      By reading Srimad Bhagavatam translations and purports together, we will conduct a variety of exercises to teach language skills including writing, comprehension, vocabulary and grammar which will help in understanding the chapter.

2.      This course will provide comprehension questions, key themes, character descriptions, word searches, language quiz, puzzles and many other activities.

3.      We will have story summary, key messages from every text, character descriptions, discussion questions, higher order thinking questions, songs, arts, crafts, drama, other hands-on activities, language and vocabulary activities, analogy activities, puzzles, games and quizzes.

4.      The main objective of this course is to provide children from ages 6-15 with spiritual knowledge from the Srimad Bhagavatam and the opportunity for personal realization.

5.      The activities also meet the various conative and language objectives

1.      Thinking skills (based on Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objective) like acquiring knowledge, developing comprehension skills, applying knowledge, using knowledge to be creative, analysing information, self-evaluating.

2.      Language objectives: -

1.      Written Language (reading and writing)

2.      Visual Language (includes communicating through the visual arts, such as drama and static imagery)

3.      Oral Language (includes communication through speaking) 

Course Contents: Canto 1 Chapter 1 to 19. 

Target Audience:
ids from age group 6-15

Assessment Plan: Multiple choice questions online test

Course Requirement: Kids understanding basic English language

Important Guidelines for the Students: Please attend all the live sessions and keep the video on through the class.

Why should one attend this course?

Srimad Bhagavatam lies at the heart of Sri Chitanya Mahaprabhu's philosophy and movement. This course will help children and their parents develop a lifelong love for this great literature, following in the footsteps of Srila Prabhupada and our pervious acharyas.

Children will not only be focused in their academics but also be uplifted in Spiritual life. Also, they will evolve as a confident child who will be able to discriminate between right and wrong. They will learn many values and skill which will be useful to them in their life.

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