Level 15 - Prema Ladder

By ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya

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ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya

ISKCON Bhagavat Mahavidyalaya aims to provide a facility for its members to study, practice, and disseminate the teachings of Srimad Bhagavatam, along with the writings of the Gaudiya Vaisnava acaryas and the branches of Vedic philosophy, culture, music and science in the context of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings. ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya is located in Sri Govardhan dhama to systematically propagate the teachings of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam and Caitanya-caritāmṛta to the society at large.

To accomplish the above mission, ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya will facilitate philosophical training for adult residential and non-residential students through the traditional Vedic educational methods. ISKCON Bhagavat Mahavidyalaya has been inspired by the service and efforts of His Grace Gopiparanadhana Prabhu and His Holiness Gaur Krishna Gosvami Maharaja. Their dedication toward the study and the dissemination of the teachings of Srimad Bhagavatam is the torchlight guiding us forward to serve this mission.

Course Overview

Course Title:

Prema Ladder Level-15

Course Description:

A course designed to deepen your spiritual insights and enhance your devotional understanding. This level delves into the profound teachings of Madhurya Kadambini, Brhad Bhagavatamrta, and the sacred art of Bhajan singing, offering a unique blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary understanding.

Course Structure:

  • Madhurya Kadambini: Dive into the nectar of Madhurya Kadambini, exploring the intricacies of sweet devotion and the path of love for the Divine.
  • Overview on Brhad Bhagavatamrta: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the profound scripture, Brhad Bhagavatamrta, unraveling its spiritual depths.
  • Bhajan Rahasya: Delve into the secrets of devotional singing, exploring the mystical world of Bhajans and their transformative power.



Target Audience:

Open for all seekers of spiritual wisdom and devotion.

Assessment Plan:

A comprehensive test featuring multiple-choice questions will gauge students' understanding and retention of the course material.

Course Materials:

Detailed notes will be provided to enhance the learning experience.

What Students will Gain:

  • Deepened philosophical insights
  • Enhanced devotional understanding
  • Proficiency in the practice of Bhajans
  • Spiritual growth and personal transformation

Why Attend this Course:

Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary understanding. This course provides a unique opportunity to explore the profound teachings of Madhurya Kadambini, Brhad Bhagavatamrta, and the sacred art of Bhajan singing.

Problems Solved through this Course:

  • Lack of Spiritual Depth: Address the need for a deeper understanding of spiritual principles and practices.
  • Seeking Devotional Guidance: Provide a structured platform for seekers to navigate the intricate path of devotion.
  • Connecting with Divine Essence: Facilitate a profound connection with the Divine through the study of sacred texts and devotional practices.

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